Monday, April 5, 2010

I am done dating

No for real, I am taking a break. I realized that I am now at the point where I can barely hide my disdain for the man sitting across from me. Is it due to too many dates? Too many douchebags? An over-inflated sense of awesome? Probably all of the above.

This means future posts will be more tales of past bad dates or my daily facebook rants. In that vein, here is today's facebook status update:

Dear K-Car Driver,
Thanks so much for blindly merging into the lane next to me and flinging your old coffee out your window and onto my windshield. Your look of surprise as we passed each other was truly touching. I will be looking for you this week because the urge to pull you out of your car by your 4th trembling chin and slap you in your long-since-disappeared testes is irresistible.
Love S

Oh, by the way, I recognize the fact that I have quit dating about 3 times in the past year.... shhhh, don't judge. A woman has the right to change her mind!

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