Wednesday, February 10, 2010

communicator conversations OR the legend of Snowpants

So A1 and I work for the same company, which has a handy little tool called "communicator" we ended up in a discussion on Snowpants. Not the garment, the person!

ME: did I ever tell you about my coffee date with Snowpants from the gym?
A1: no lol
tell tell tell
ME: ok, the guy I call snowpants he always wears really baggy sweats at the gym. I don't think much of it, he works hard and has pretty decent arms and I know why he wears the baggy sweats though! He asked me for coffee. i go for coffee....he's wearing jeans and it honest to god looks like he's tucked a rolled up towel around his waist...and his pants - it looked like he was wearing snow pants but they weren't...they were his incredibly roly poly and fat and rotund lower body and legs filling his jeans out in a puffy way. EUGH
I couldn't quit looking at it, no matter how hard I tried not to!! It was like a trainwreck!
A1: omg omg omg! lol!!
So he did not have a big slong it was like rolls of fat, like what the nutty professor would wear in one of is his movies kinda thing?
ME: YEAH! And he probably thought I was looking at his junk but seriously, there was a roll obscuring where the junk should have been!!!
A1: omg why
how does that even happen?!? So what does his upper body look he shoved his fat from his arms and tummy down his pants?
Maybe that is all extra skin from losing a shit load of weight
ME: I'm sure it is
he was totally misshapen
like someone took a nice top and stuck it on a fat guy bottom
like those paper doll books where you could mix and match the heads, torsos and legs
A1: omg
i loved those
ME: yeah, but would you DATE one? I don't think so!
A1: noppers
ME: nope! Plus he was a slooowwwwwww talkkkerrrrr and i like me a nerd, but when he told me he went to Vulcan and bought some souvenirs and I had to feign excitement and awe it was so not cool!
He also wondered out loud about star trek costumes and whether or not he could start a cottage industry by making them. when i told him i was pretty sure you could buy them readily off the internet, he looked at me like I'd just spit gold and diamonds out of my mouth. He was THRILLED...and slightly disbelieving
A1: Wow
You know how to pick em - blog about
ME: yep, i fo sho do!!

this is me blogging about it...the rest of the conversation was too graphic!!


  1. I didn't follow --- he has a nice chest & arms but a wobbly bits on the bottom?

  2. FULL ON WOBBLY BITS. Like the michelin man...I've been watching since and have never seen him to any leg or lower body work. He just does chest, shoulders and arms. I bet those legs look like he's riding a chicken!!!