Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Ben Stiller

I don't know how to break this to you, but you are no longer on my Freebie Five. I've lusted you for so long...your ill fitting swimsuit in Meet the Parents, your goofy, braces-filled grin in Something About Mary, your black lung cough in Zoolander....but you look a little sickly lately..and well, I just watched Colin Firth in About a Girl. You've been bumped.

Dear Colin Firth, welcome to the Freebie Five. You realize this means I am yours for the asking. You are now in the esteemed company of (in no particular order)

Will Mothertrucking Ferrell!!
Daniel Craig
Hugh Jackman
and Ryan Gosling.

In my mind, the 5 of you lounge around my house enjoying my cooking and changing the lightbulbs in your loincloths.

Ummmm, seriously, why am I single? :p


  1. Will Ferrell? Well, it shows you're realistic and not all that fussy.

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  3. I would violate will ferrell 5 ways from sunday!